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About "Unpredictable Mac".

Originally intended as a place to pick up Back Issues of Chris's Unpredictable and Occasional Newsletter for Macintosh Users, it tries to do a little more.
What is my purpose?
(Lifted from Unpredictable #15, and still true.)
This is a good question to ask yourself now and then. UNPREDICTABLE is not the end all and be all of Mac news. It's also not the ultimate 'support' source. There are plenty of web sites for that. The purpose of UNPREDICTABLE is to MAKE IT EASIER FOR YOU TO USE AND LIVE WITH YOUR MAC or iPod. To provide you with HELPFUL information, that unless you're a real Mac Geek, you might not otherwise know about. To EDUCATE you about the Mac OS and expose some of its finer but lesser known features. To inform you about the Mac in a historical context as well as to 'place' it in the context of the Internet and other operating systems. Although the length of UNPREDICTABLE may lead you to believe otherwise, I also want to help you SAVE TIME. Get what you need. Vita est brevis. T'ai Chi is Long. Hopefully in the process we both get to HAVE FUN and do some COOL stuff. :-)
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