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Contents Copyright 2001 by Christopher Plummer

Oh Ess Ten is both demon and angel. Either way, it needs to be TAMED, and
that's part of what we'll be doing in this and future issues, in articles
tainted with fascinating Mac trivia, insightful comments, and personal
commentary of questionable merit. Did you think I was going to comment on
the government's 'settlement' with the Forces of Darkness? While articles
about the further predatory foibles of the Great Monopoly provide endless
amusement, and for that reason I include a few URL'S, better we focus on
this heartening thought: WE HAVE MACS!! I will UNPREDICTABLY get back to
my previously promised topics, including CD-R drives, TV on the Mac, and
the bizarre and mysterious partitioning scheme for OS X. :-)

UPDATES - IDVD 2.0, iTunes 2.0
Get the Point - (Part Two) Do I KNOW you? (Fun stuff with 10.1.)
Occasion Book Recommendation - Analog help with ten on dead tree products
Know The Difference - Read these if you must!
OCCASIONAL Favorite WEB SITE - Apple's OSX Pages
Special Bonus Keyboard Commands - View Options (works with 9 and X!)
Good News Press Releases - IDVD 2, iPod, and Apple events in NJ/NY

GEEK SPEAK ALERT: Graphic Equalizer, cross-fade, classic app, Dock,
Classic, Genie, GFD, TOTE, 'less processor intensive', grid

IDVD 2 -

iTunes 2.x - The TRULY FREE iTunes version 2 is out for both OS 9.x and
Oh Ess Ten 10.1 (make sure you download the right one for you). It now
has a graphic equalizer and the ability to cross-fade tunes. (If that
sounds like geek speak, you'll have to find an UNPREDICTABLE Audio
Newsletter to explain it!) There are iPod features, and faster CD
burning. The Oh Ess Ten version is 2.01. The original TEN release,
available for only about a day, caused serious problems under special
circumstances, and was promptly replaced. If you have TEN, make sure you
use the 2.01 upgrade.


Graphic Converter 4.1 - The "Poor Man's Photoshop" available in several
formats, including CARBON. A great tool, and one you can add to your Oh
Ess Ten collection until DOPEY Adobe figures out what they're going to
do with their products.


Netscape 6.2 Released -- Netscape Communications has released
Netscape 6.2, bringing full Mac OS X compatibility and fixing
bugs. The new version exists as an application package for Mac OS
X, which means installation is merely a matter of dragging the
Netscape file to your hard disk. A number of problems have been
fixed, such as sluggish performance on dual-processor Power Macs
and LDAP functionality. Netscape 6.2 requires a PowerPC 604e
running at 266 MHz or faster, with at least 64 MB of RAM and Mac
OS 8.5 or later. The Mac OS X version is a 16.9 MB download; the
Mac OS 9 version remains an active installer that downloads just
needed modules, so be prepared for a potentially lengthy
installation process. [JLC]

[Netscape announcement courtesy of TidBits #604, 05-Nov-01]

See 'Know the Difference'

Quark expert 'John' writes that the Imation floppy drive and
Microtek scanner (attached via USB to his G4) disappear when the machine
wakes from sleep mode.

[Whenever I hear about USB troubles, I think drivers are probably the
issue and he might need to GET CURRENT. - Chris]

John says he IS CURRENT. His workaround? Go to the Energy Saver Control
Panel and turn sleep OFF. Anyone have any other suggestions?

Kudos to 'Powerbook Tenor' who wrote to announce that he has put in a
technology/training center at a local non-profit mental health care
facility as part of his company's program to help the community. "Twelve
workstations with a teacher's station at the front..all wireless." Of
course those workstations are iMacs!!

PARADOX - If a word appearing in a GEEK SPEAK ALERT is TOTE, why does it
appear in a GEEK SPEAK ALERT?

Get the Point
First Look at AQUA 10.1 (Part Two)
Do I KNOW you?

Last time I provided considerable direction and references on how to
install TEN. Let's assume you've managed to get it running. Now what? If
you're like me, one of the most intimidating aspects of the new OS is its
UNFAMILIARITY. How do you connect to a LAN? How do you setup your
printer? For heavens sake, WHERE IS THE CHOOSER??? For these questions,
there is no easy answer.

You've probably heard, 'the longest journey begins with a single step'.
If you're in a BIG HURRY with TEN, JUMP don't WALK to the next article
and get one of the books I mention. Otherwise, we're going to take this
SLOW. Before we begin, let's invent a new Internet-style abbreviation:
GFD. Good For Demos.

Now let's take that first step.

THE DOCK. This is the bar on the screen with icons for applications,
utilities, etc. There are plenty of similar Launcher-like utilities for
pre-TEN Mac OS's. I've been very fond of one called 'HoverBar'. So the
CONCEPT is not all that new. The EXECUTION though, is a bit different.
For now this is how we are going to launch and switch between
applications in TEN. If you like it, great, if not, just get used to it.
I suggest you modify the DOCK until you have it exactly the way you like
it. For example, you don't have to leave it at the bottom of the screen.
You can put it on the right or left too. Here's how:

Go to the Apple menu.

[There are no ICONS in the Apple menu! I know. I miss them too. One of
the new UNIX guys at Apple must have been in charge of the Apple menu. He
was used to typing geeky commands on a terminal. Having an icon on a
menu, the Apple Menu, was a lot of graphic information for him to
assimilate. He didn't want to overdose on icons, so he made the Apple
Menu look like...well, not even a menu, a LIST! OUR FRIENDS AT APPLE
should really INDOCTRINATE these EUNUCHs guys before they let 'em start
pulling icons and mucking around with OUR INTERFACE. You probably didn't
know, it took YEARS for Apple to get icons into menus, and I LIKE EM. Now
we'll have to wait around for someone to figure out all over again that
it's a GOOD IDEA.]

Apple menu. Select Dock, skip the options that appear on the menu and go
right to 'Dock Preferences'. Start with the top two slider controls.

'Dock Size' - changes the size of the icons in the Dock, while you watch.
ISN'T THAT COOL? When you're done zooming them up and down a few times
(it's okay, everybody does), leave them a size that works for you.

'Magnification' - If you've seen Steve Jobs demonstrate AQUA, you've seen
'magnification'. This is the feature where passing the cursor over the
Dock causes the area beneath it to expand like part of a long, narrow
balloon with a hunk of air being squeezed down it. GFD. To see this, you
have to change the setting and then try it. But does it make any sense
when you want to WORK on your MAC? It actually requires MORE mousing
around. You can turn it completely off. I leave it 'on', but set it near

'Automatically hide and show the Dock' - This feature has been around
with menus on some OTHER operating system. The Dock stays hidden until
you pass the pointer in the area where it is 'invisible'. Then walla! It
appears. Move the pointer away, it disappears. Some people like this.
Call me impatient (call me to help you with your Mac, call me Ishmael,
just don't call me 'Oh Ess EX'), I find myself waiting for the Dock to
appear. I don't want to wait. I leave it off.

'Position on screen:' - You know. TOTE. (Too Obvious To Explain.)

'Minimize using:' - 'Scale Effect' or 'Genie Effect'. 'Scale' is less
processor intensive (faster). Genie is GFD. Try them.

'Animate opening applications' - Pretty much the same as above. You may
have an opinion based on the speed of your Mac. I leave it checked.

Did you customize your Dock? Good! Take a deep breath. It's OKAY. Admit
it, it was FUN! And the great thing about a new Apple OS is it's FULL of
stuff like that! Let's keep going.

What about the TEN Desktop? The default icon size is HUGE. Why is it like
that? Maybe because Steve Jobs, like many of us his age, needs glasses.

Make the Finder Desktop active. (Click on the Desktop.) From the View
menu, select 'Show View Options'. This will bring up a friendly little
dialog. Use the slider to change the size of the icons. IT'S YOUR MAC.
Make the icons ANY SIZE YOU WANT! While you're there, you can set them to
'arrange' - I like the Grid myself.

You can use the same menu to change the appearance of Finder windows. You
just have to click on, or open one, and make it active first. Go to it.

With any luck, Oh Ess Ten is starting to look more like a MACINTOSH OS.
Next time, we'll tweak TEN some more and see if we can't make it look a
little less WEIRD. We'll also talk about CLASSIC. Until then, HAVE FUN!


If you can't wait for OCCASIONAL help, here are some good resources:

'Mac OS X Visual Quickstart Guide', by well-known Mac author and
occasional PMUG speaker, Maria Langer, Peachpit Press. A book easily
judged by its title. Full of pictures; no tedious explanations. Covers
everything you need to know to get started with TEN.

'Mac OS X Little Black Book', by another Mac writer whose name you should
know, Gene Steinberg. [What, you thought I didn't know about anyone else
besides David Pogue?] Another excellent starter book, fewer pictures,
more text and explanations.

Both books may suffer just a bit from being written before TEN 10.1. But
what are you going to do? If it's on paper it's already nearly obsolete.

BTW: Have you looked at online Help in OS Ten? (If you're like most
people, you haven't.) Remember that it's there in a pinch. Although my
favorite GUIDE was abandoned back in OS 9.x, the Help system is there,
it's yours, it's pretty good, and hey, you already paid for it.


Know The Difference
Gates must not win at monopoly

Nine states reject DOJ-Microsoft settlement; to pursue litigation.

And That's The Difference.

See Apple's OS X web pages for tons of help with TEN.
Be sure to check out the FAQ and the Discussion Boards!


Special Bonus Keyboard Commands
For both Oh Ess Ten and 9.x!!
[Command] + J Brings up the View Options dialog! This will have a
different effect depending on what's currently active. Click on the
Desktop, and you get the Desktop View options. Click in a Finder window
and you get Finder Window options. (Thank goodness. Things would be
really bad if they were any different than this!)

TFSB! :-)

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