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Contents Copyright 2001 by Christopher Plummer

I can hardly write about 'the disaster', and this isn't the forum for
it. BALANCE and PERSPECTIVE have always been important. I'm okay, I
hope you're okay. Take note of a few of the Good News Press Releases
which indicate that the relief efforts have been OVERWHELMED by
volunteers and donations of stuff. If you want to help, contribute to
your favorite charity, schedule a time to give blood in a month or two,
and as the Tai Chi Teacher says, 'Invest in your spirit'.

WE CARRY ON! Entangled in fascinating Mac trivia, insightful
comments, and personal commentary of questionable merit, this issue
refuses to mention a certain company name ANYWHERE!! Much of this issue
is about AQUA 10.1, out this weekend. Coming soon - more on CD-R's and
CD-RW's, and a review of the Xclaim TV USB TV Tuner! :-)

UPDATES - Oh ESS TEN Point One and More
Tips - FinderPop conflict tip
Special Bonus Keyboard Commands
Good News Press Releases - Oh ESS TEN Point One

GEEK SPEAK ALERT: CD-R, CD-RW, USB, Extension Manager, CM, [Control],

OH ESS TEN 10.1 -
Careful readers recall that 10.1, which some might call the 'true' first
release of Apple's new OS, was previously announced to be available
'sometime' in September. IT'S OKAY. Make it stable. Make it FASTER. Make
it work BETTER with everything. TAKE YOUR TIME APPLE and DO IT RIGHT. And
hey, it's available this Saturday, the 29th of September. And if it came
out any business day after that IT WOULD BE LATE!! Funny how that works.
Some resellers advertise that a purchase of the current release of OSX
will include a 'free upgrade' to 10.1 because you might not be able to
actually GET 10.1 right away. Be wary of this offer, it means that the
'free upgrade' will cost you around $20.00 in shipping and handling fees
to get the new CD. Give me 10.1 or give me a TRULY FREE upgrade!

Quicken 2002 Deluxe -
(By now, everybody knows what Quicken is, right? Haven't tried it?
Personal finances, checking, online banking. If you're still writing your
checks by hand and manually balancing your checkbook, GET WITH THIS
PROGRAM!!) The key to BEING READY for AQUA is to GET CURRENT with your
applications. This new version of Quicken is 'built for OS TEN' and works
with OS 9. Updates are around $39.00 depending on where you buy it, and
that's after a $20 rebate. (Rebates! Whose great idea was that? Isn't
there always one somewhere on your desk that you forgot about? And when
you finally find the receipt, they want the UPC CODE from the box that
went out with the garbage YESTERDAY! Aggg!!)


MoneyDance -
If you've never used Quicken, you might first want to check out the new
competition, 'MoneyDance'. There's even a free trial download, and the
package is written in JAVA and there is a version for OS TEN.
Unfortunately they don't currently have much in the way of online banking
yet, but that may not matter to you!!


Stuffit Deluxe 6.5 -
This is available for OS 9 and OH ESS TEN. And there's a new release of
the TRULY FREE Stuffit Expander. For a nice summary of the details, check
out the latest TidBITS.


California subscriber 'Brad' told me, "I'm not upgrading to ANY new
operating system until I have a COMPELLING reason."

Apple will be nicer about this than SOME COMPANIES that pretend previous
OS versions never existed, but as we move more and more into the AQUA
phase of Apple computing, there will be less and less support for the
'old' environment and WE WILL BE COMPELLED. 'MacWorld Magazine' for
example, (You may have heard of it, a survivor from the previous century,
that actually PRINTS their magazine on PAPER! Can you imagine?), MacWorld
is making a big deal about how by the end of 2001 they will rate products
"based solely on how they perform on Mac OS X." I think they may be
cutting staff in their Reviews department. The push is on! So I'll say
it again, GET CURRENT. More on that, UNPREDICTABLY, in some future issue.

-- Terrible tales of misunderstood and unknown features. --
Contextual Menus (CM's) #4
Welcome back! It feels like years later, and we're still talking about
Contextual Menus. If you STILL haven't checked out CM's yet, you
obviously NEED HELP!! And that's what they are for!! WARP 4.5
'Enterprise' CM REVIEW: Go! Now! Hold down your [Control] key and click,
THIS INSTANT, somewhere on your Mac screen. Something will happen!I

In #1 We talked about some CM stuff you can do in the Finder. In #2
we looked at CM's in regular applications, and the dependence on CM's of
some utilities like 'StuffIt Deluxe' and 'MacLinkPlus Pro Deluxe 13.' In
#3 we took a peek at 'FinderPop' and my favorite feature, '[Control]
free' CMs. We'll spend a little more time with FinderPop today and next
time we'll MOVE ON. If you haven't downloaded FinderPop yet, use the URL
at the bottom of this article.

When you configure the FinderPop Control Panel, you can toggle these (and
a bunch more) CM features:

Applications Submenu - With this option on, FinderPop presents a list of
all the currently loaded apps. Just select one to switch to it.

Contents Submenu - Lists the contents of the selected folder, volume,
etc. Select the item from the menu to navigate to it, or if it's a file
or application, to open it.

Finder Windows Submenu and Desktop Submenu - Lists all current windows
and all items on your Desktop and takes you there! Want to clean up your
Desktop fast? Select an item or group of items to put away, then from the
popup, select the folder you want them in. A dialog asks if you want to
put an [Alias] of the item in the folder, [Copy] - the item(s) to the
location, [Move] it there, or [Cancel] the whole process.

There are plenty of other things FinderPop can do, including making all
these features appear in File Open dialogs! But I'll leave SOME THINGS
for you to discover.

That's FinderPop. By now it should be clear stuff is 'Overlooked and
Underused' because it's a little hard to grasp by only reading about it.
It's kinesthetic. You've got to try it! If you don't understand how
powerful this can be, and it sounds like gobbledy gook, get your hands
dirty and try it! You've got to have at least a decent grasp on CM's when
we start our next big O&U item, Apple Data Detectors!


See you next time! :-)

FinderPop Tip: Sometimes applications DO THEIR OWN THING with the
[Control] Key and/or CMs, and this can cause problems and conflicts with
FinderPop's Control-free Popup. In fact, the one big software company
that we are not mentioning in this issue is famous for using [Control] +
Click in their OFFICE package, effectively messing up everybody's CM's
there, even though APPLE TOLD THEM NOT TO. Little software turf wars like
this don't have to get in the way of SMART UTILITIES like FinderPop.

You will find that when you have FinderPop installed, you can go to the
HELP menu of any application. (Remember how I used to tell you
OCCASIONALLY about 'Help Center'?) There will be an item there called,
'Turn off FinderPop Control-free CM Popup in NAME OF YOUR APPLICATION'.
Just select that item from the menu, and FinderPop won't do it's thing
in YOUR APPLICATION any more. If you just don't like the Control-free
CM feature, you can turn the whole thing off in the FinderPop control
panel, and still use all FinderPop's other cool features.

Special Bonus Keyboard Commands
If you use the Extensions Manager (and if you don't, you ARE using
Conflict Catcher, right?), hold down the [SPACE BAR] during startup until
Extension Manager appears, to select an Extension set or to make changes
to the current one that is loading.

If you have NO CLUE what Extension Manager is, or what I am talking
about, you can learn about it in 'Mac Help' (from the Finder, [Command] +
/), or buy a David Pogue book - I'm not going to cover something in depth
that you can find out about lots of other places! Or upgrade to OS 10.1
where there are no extensions!

TFSB :-)

Good News Press Releases Follow

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