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Contents Copyright 2001 by Christopher Plummer

OCCASIONALLY I like an issue more than others. I like this issue. It's
short. It's stuffed (with fascinating Mac trivia, insightful comments,
and personal commentary of questionable merit.) I'd like to have an MS
free UNPREDICTABLE, but there's so much news about them lately that I
CAN'T. So this time it's fun. Mac users who actually LIKE MS (that would
be you, Tom) please skip NEWS, DIFFERENCE, & SECRETS because this issue,
I DON'T leave Microsoft alone. :-)

UPDATES - None to speak of
NEWS - Not much
GEEK SPEAK REVIEW - we need one soon!
OVERLOOKED AND UNDERUSED - Contextual Menus #3 - FinderPop
Tips - Burning Data CDs from the Finder in 9.x
Know The Difference - MS=Everything
Dirty Little Secrets - Who is SteveB??
Special Bonus Keyboard Commands - On vacation
Good News Press Releases - APPLE Polishes Image in Education

GEEK SPEAK ALERT: CD-R, CD-RW, Steve (#3, the other, other Steve as in

Beige Box Builder Buys Boring Brother
Hewlett Packard to buy Compaq. Ho hum. The CEO of HP says, "Consumers
have said clearly they want something DIFFERENT". Duh! So she bought
Compaq??? Will this affect market share? Not for us, because we have
Macs!! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Corpse Write-in Campaign Converts DOJ - MS Breakup Dead
In a decision guaranteed to elate the many dead people writing in support
of a free, single, and monopolistic Microsoft, the DOJ announced that it
will not seek a break up of the company as a 'remedy' to it's predatory
practices. Zombies spontaneously flooded the streets of Seattle in
celebration, their jerky gyrations reminiscent of Michael Jackson's
'Thriller' video.


IN ANSWER TO MY QUESTION about APPLE'S BIZARRO removal of the keyboard
Power key on new G4s, 'John' writes, "On my new G4 you can't start up or
shut down from the keyboard, I think it is a result of the USB bus
replacing the ADB bus. Instead, the upper right key on the keyboard opens
the CD/DVD drive (no button under the drive itself)."

'Powerbook Tenor' passed along my UNPREDICTABLE information about
security risks in MS Instant Messaging [U&O #27] to the Corporate
Dogberts at ONE MAJOR BANK, who have in turn blocked it from their
firewall. (If there is anything that IS PREDICTABLE it's security holes
in Microsoft products!)

An anonymous and normally VERY reserved reader, who is also an OH ESS
10.1 BETA tester raved, "I'm pretty impressed. It was a bit difficult
finding my way around, and I'm still confused sometimes, but it has been
quite stable."

'Doctor Quave', Unix Master and old friend, checked in with this to say
about the Berkeley foundation of AQUA, "...don't knock that 3-BSD kernel!
It's as mature as any OS around and scales up like mad - very efficient.
Sounds like a good move on Apple's part to me."

-- Terrible tales of misunderstood and unknown features. --
Contextual Menus (CM's) #3
Welcome back! If you STILL haven't checked out CM's yet, WHAT'S THE

WARP 9 CM REVIEW: Hold down the [Control] key and
click on stuff - in the Finder, in other programs - the menu that pops up
is a CM. It lets you do things 'in Context'. That's it.

In #1 We talked about some of the stuff you can do in the Finder. In #2
we looked at CM's in regular applications, and the dependence on CM's of
some utilities like 'StuffIt Deluxe' and 'MacLinkPlus Pro Deluxe 13' [How
long can they keep incrementing the name like that?] This time we look at
one GREAT program for enhancing CM's: 'FinderPop' 1.9.2.

First, just cool your jets, because FinderPop is PintWare, meaning it is
officially not FreeWare, and you really should support Turly with an $8
Registration fee. But just TRY IT!!

What it does.
My gosh. What doesn't it do? I can't possibly tell you all it does,
because I don't use all of it's capabilities. But I'll tell you why I
like it. It gives you 'Control Free' pop up of CM's. In other words, you
don't need to use the [Control] key! While the Windows crowd has at least
two buttons and scroll wheels and thermometers on their right-handed mice
that all have their own functions for things like CM's, most of us still
have a one-button mouse democratically designed for either hand. To get
our mouse to do special tricks, we have to hold down a 'modifier' key,
such as the [Option] or [Control] key while we click. Does that make
MacSense? Some people don't think so. So they said, "What if you just
HOLD your mouse button down when you click on something? After a short
pause, a CM could pop up!" And that's what FinderPop let's you do. I LOVE
IT! And why not stop there? No sense in overdoing it! BALANCE is the key!
So look up FinderPop, or wait till next issue when I'll discuss it some
more! :-)


CD burning comes with iTunes! Forget that you can burn regular audio CDs
from MP3s, and forget that you can burn MP3 CDs (meaning one CD holding
up to as much music as TEN regular audio CDs). Forget everything else
about iTunes (for now). Just imagine that you can create DATA CDs FROM

When you insert a blank CD-R, it asks you how you want to 'prepare' the
CD, and you have the two choices already mentioned, plus the third, 'Data
CD'. When it's done doing it's magic, you have an icon on your desktop
for that CD. Now you just drag and drop (YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS, BY NOW,
DON'T YOU???) files, folders, whatever, onto the icon until it's full, or
until you're ready to BURN. Then just go to the Finder and from the
'Special' menu, select 'Burn CD..'. Is that awesome or what?

Only setback is have to have enough free disk space for the
Finder to temporarily duplicate all the stuff you want on your CD.
Because it doesn't actually put anything on the CD until you BURN. And
you have to have a CD burner that is supported by Apple. Of course all
the new internal CD-R/W burners are, and Apple has even added support for
some external ones. So if you haven't bought a burner yet, hang on, I'll
make an OCCASIONAL recommendation in a future issue.

To get this capability you need to have the latest Disc Burner [1.0.1 at
this writing], and to use that you need iTunes, and to install that you
need to be at least at OS 9.1. Yet another reason to GET CURRENT and
upgrade to System 9.1. Pay a visit to your Software Update Control Panel
today! :-)


Know The Difference
Apple draws the line somewhere, and leaves 'system enhancements and
customization' to shareware developers and third parties. But the big
Kahuna in Seattle? No way. Windows=Everything. Just think about it,
somebody at Microsoft has as their responsibility: "Alternative Cursors".
There may be a whole 'Alternative Cursor Department'. Imagine this:

Crusty Interviewer: 'Son, I see here you did some development work for
Young Turk: "That's right. I worked on Alternative Cursors in ME and
Crusty Interviewer: " kidding. What would you say's your greatest
Young Turk: "Well..probably the fact that I personally designed the
'Tango Dancing' cursors."
Crusty Interviewer: "Tango?"
Young Turk: "Yea. The gal down the hall did the reptiles, and she got
nothing! But I got a hundred shares of Microsoft as a bonus for the
Dancers. HR told me that Bill and Steve flipped when they saw them!"

And That's The Difference.

Dirty Little Secrets:
Want to send Steve Ballmer an email and tell him how much you love JAVA
and how you'd like his GREAT Internet Explorer to continue to work with
it just the way it always has? Here's his email address:
<> If you really do this, please be courteous. I may
be UNPREDICTABLE, but I'm not stupid.

TFSB :-)

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