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Contents Copyright 2001 by Christopher Plummer

Mac training, ugs and MUGS
Special Bonus Keyboard Commands

My review of my BRAND NEW Silver Titanium PowerBook (TiMac). I TOLD YOU I
was going to do something UNPREDICTABLE!!

GEEK SPEAK ALERT: AQUA, vector graphics, COMPUSERVE, UGs & Mugs (defined
in this issue!)

Apple's Quicktime 5.x - You MUST know what Quicktime is, right? Version 5
has all sorts of enhancements including 'cubic' VRs (Virtual Reality).
Remember how to upgrade Quicktime? [Covered in U&O #8.] Well, it didn't
work for me. I had to do the download. Quicktime Pro users - BAD NEWS -
with QT 5 you have to buy a NEW Quicktime Pro Key. But it's only $29.99,
and I've been PRO since Quicktime 3. Get the upgrade, install it, go back
to this site and check out the examples. THEN IT WILL ALL MAKE SENSE.


Sound Jam 2.5.3 - You figure this out, I sure can't. What is the status
of Sound Jam?? [Formerly the premier commercial Mac MP3 player/ripper
until Apple hired the chief programmer and licensed parts of Sound Jam to
create iTunes.] One day there's an article on MacWorld about them
abandoning development for OS X. The Sound Jam web site is getting real
old and the product shows all the signs of being abandoned, BUT NOW
there's a new update to 2.5.3. The web site says 2.5.2 is the most recent
version. This all sounds WEIRD AND FAMILIAR. Remember the TWO YEAR death
throes of WORDPERFECT MAC at the hands of those FOOLS at COREL?? A little
TRUTH from Casady and Greene would be nice. I like Sound Jam better than
iTunes, but I predict we'll all be using iTunes before long...



Mac OS X 10.0.1 Available -- This is a 4.1 MB bug fix etc. update
available via Mac OS X's Software Update control panel. You have to
update the Software Update Control Panel in X first. (Sound familiar?)


Macromedia Freehand 10 - MacWorld lists Freehand 10 as available 'now'.
You graphic types who are hooked on Adobe might note that Macromedia is a
real contender, with great products for Web and Design and a consistent
interface across them. I'm not telling you what to use, I'm just saying
'native'. Meaning it is allegedly first out of the gate as a vector
graphics app that runs on AQUA. Try to buy it 'now'. I checked a couple
sites and it was listed as 'backordered' or 'not available'. Let's put it
in the category of ADN - Any Day Now. Adobe's products (and the rest of
Macromedia's for that matter) are listed as 'No Date Announced' for AQUA
versions. See the list of OS X software at MacWorld.


Just the usual accolades.

Mac training, ugs and MUGS
WE'RE FAMOUS! I pulled snail mail out of the box the other day and MY
UNPREDICTABLE WORDS about OS X were in a nice layout with GRAPHICS. Yes,
the UNPREDICTABLE OS X issue got picked up for a cover story in PMUG
DIALOG April 2001. Are you thinking, 'Gee Chris, you REALLY are sounding
pretty GEEKY. WHAT are you talking about?' Okay, way, way back in U&O #7,
when I was on my BEING HELPFUL campaign, I teased you with the concept of
ugs and Mugs. Remember?

UGs are 'User Groups'. They've been around at least since we thought we
were cool because we used COMPUSERVE. In fact, using COMPUSERVE was often
a topic at UGs. BACK THEN the 'Internet' - whatever that was - was just a
bunch of wires to route mail from COMPUSERVE to some other mail account.
It was for GOVERNMENT types. A User Group is a 'club' for computer users.
Why not call it a 'club?' I don't know. Probably because 'club's are not
COOL. (But don't tell bikers that!)

So who wants to join a computer club that calls itself a User Group? YOU
DO! Because it's a GREAT PLACE to meet people who have the same interests
as you. ESPECIALLY if you're a MAC USER. EVERYBODY you know has a stupid
Windows PC! They scoff at you! They ask you WHY CAN'T YOU BE A GOOD SHEEP
like the rest of us? They feed you all the anti-Mac propaganda. And worse
of all, THEY ARE CLUELESS about what it's like to have a REAL COMPUTER
that works for YOU, not the other way around. You can't ask them about
CLIPPING files because Windows doesn't have CLIPPING files!
[If you don't know what Clipping files are, you should. Get U&O #4.]

UGs can be for ANYBODY, even the UNWASHED WINDOWS MASSES. You don't want
just any UG, you want a MUG! A Macintosh User Group.

You're shy? You don't want to MEET those people? OKAY. Me too, I admit
it. But you can still go to meetings and LISTEN. They usually have very
ENTERTAINING SPEAKERS from both big and small vendors, including authors,
media personalities, Mac celebrities, and OUR FRIENDS AT APPLE. The down
homey atmosphere of MUGS makes for a more informal environment for
chatting and asking questions. Vendors also know that UGs can be the most
CHALLENGING audiences because members can be very vocal about the ISSUES
they have. Which is why you should try to show some respect for these
presenters - they know they're taking their chances by speaking at a User

Besides the BIGSHOT CELEBRITIES, often people from within the MUG will do
presentations about their business, their specialty, their new software.
You'll be amazed at the talent around you!! These people are FELLOW
MEMBERS you can talk to or email. And Groups have SIGS too - Special
Interest Groups. These are a sub-group for New Users, or Graphic Artists,
or spreadsheet users, web designers, video producers, whatever. Sometimes
they meet as part of the regular MUG, or they might meet separately. At
PMUG meetings there's a question and answer session at the beginning
where you can call upon the collective expertise present at a meeting for
help with your problem! Many of these people want to help. Many of them
claim to be consultants too, and many are, but one reason to be part of a
Mug is so that you can save the really tough stuff for YOUR trusty
consultant. :-)

There are two more good reasons to go to a Mug meeting: FREE STUFF -
There is usually some kind of giveaway - books, software, diskettes
(remember those?). You can help your Mug by writing a review of the book
or software that THEY GAVE YOU. And finally, I have to say I've never
gone to a meeting when I haven't come out feeling INFORMED, INSPIRED, and
part of the MAC COMMUNITY. IN SHORT, THEY'RE FUN! You should be a member
of at least one.

PMUG (Princeton Macintosh User Group):
Publishes a newsletter called 'the Dialog'. You can read back issues.



Apple has a HUGE web page about user groups. Find one near you!!:

OUR last GSR was back in U&O #11. Someday I'll compile one giant GEEK

A hobbit. Chosen heir of Bilbo. The ringbearer charged with returning the
One Ring of Power to the place it was forged and thus bringing an end to
the Power of the Dark Lord, Sauron.

Dark Rider
One of the nine Nazgul - wringwraiths - demons in service to the Dark
Lord. Nasty types who want to harm those charming little
hobbits.(Visually, "Darth Vader" comes to mind. But technically Vader is
the apprentice to the Sith Master, the Emperor. Darth Maul, with his cool
aboriginal face paint, preceded him, until he went to pieces in the
'First' Star Wars movie.)

Control Panel
This is fairly self-evident isn't it? On the Mac, available from the
Apple Menu. The many devices that allow you to change and adjust all
kinds of settings on your Mac.

Members of the Wise, usually GOOD, like Gandalf, but sometimes as in the
case of Sarumon, seduced by the Powers of Darkness. Sometimes bumbling or
arrogant as in the case of many Wizards used in ANOTHER operating system.

Could be Strider, also known as Aragorn of Arathorn. Helps the Ringbearer
avoid hazards and pursuit by the Dark Riders. On the Mac, a subset of the
Help system that LEADS you through setting things up, or using features.

I don't really have to explain this do I?

Special Bonus Keyboard Commands
[Command] + [/]
'Command Slash' is used in a lot of places to bring up the HELP system.
In the Finder and in the growing list of applications that use Apple's
HELP CENTER, this will bring up the Help for the application you are
using. On my list, that means Quicken, Virtual PC, iTunes,iMovie, and iDo
Script Scheduler. The same 'Command Slash' will bring up the
QuickHelp-based Help System in Claris Emailer (YES I STILL USE IT!),
APPLEWORKS 5, and Palm Desktop. It brings up the Talking Paper Clip in
Word and Excel 98 (but seems to do nothing in Internet Explorer and
Netscape Communicator). It brings up Help in SoundJam MP too. And it even
works in Adobe Acrobat Reader to bring up Acrobat Help. Pretty cool, huh?

Good News Press Releases Follow! TFSB :-)

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