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Contents Copyright 2001 by Christopher Plummer

FINALLY, how to update Quicktime. In case you're counting, this is the
lasts! :-) "Mac training, ugs, and Shameless Self-Promotion (PART 3)"
gets put on hold for an issue or two because somewhere in the world IT'S
MACEXPO TIME AGAIN. Steve (in a tux?) announced NEW iMac models - faster
(up to 600Mhz. Yeow!), available with CD-RW drives, and in daring (or
goofy, if you prefer) new Dalmation and Flower Power designs; the G4
Towers are shipping in the FAST versions, and so's the TiMac, the new
Titanium PowerBook. Which means... Press Releases at the end of this
issue. Coming soon: Does your Mac UNPREDICTABLY hang? Lock up? Crash?
Believe it or not, this is NOT ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOUR from a Mac.
Especially not a recent Mac running OS 9.0.4 (that's a HINT, folks).

GEEK SPEAK ALERT: Burner, Gig, FireWire, Software Update Control Panel,
Extension Manager, Location Manager, Quicktime

iTunes Updated to 1.1 -- Now supports over 25 Third Party CD Burners.
Details in the press release below. Just TAKE NOTE MY FRIENDS AND CLIENTS
- the CD Burning feature of iTunes (according to Apple) requires OS 9.1.
I'm still dragging my feet on 9.1. Is this a reason to take the leap?


Conflict Catcher Updated to 8.0.8 -- Includes compatibility and sets for
OS 9.1 and some enhancements for "Classic Mode" under OSX. Free download
for CC 8.x owners.


Remember the Maxtor 40 Gig external FireWire drive I mentioned WAY BACK
in Issue #2? I had found it on the web for $248. Well, I also found a
number of posts (on MacFixit, search the hardware forums) from people who
had some problems with it! Hard to tell if this has been ironed out yet
or not. Caveat Emptor!


If you're still looking for extra drive space, I just got a catalog from
'APS Tech'. They offer a "catalog only" price of $329.95 on a 60 Gig
7200rpm FireWire plus (meaning it ALSO has a USB interface) external
drive. This sounds like a FAST drive at a great price from a reputable
company. So call 'em and get a catalog! If you buy the drive, be my
guinea pig, let me know how it works for you. (I'm still shopping.)

APS Tech 800-554-3943

And now for something completely different, How to Update Quicktime
As I mentioned way, way back in UNPREDICTABLE #3, the Software Update
Control Panel doesn't update Quicktime! And I still can't tell you why -
but I can guess. Those whacky, wonderful guys and gals in Apple's
Quicktime development group are pretty independent. As far as they're
concerned, they've got Apple's crown jewel, and all the other development
groups should just BOW and BE HUMBLE.

For example, a few years ago at MacExpo NYC, Apple demoed the 'new'
release of Quicktime 4. One of the cool features was the ability to set
up Quicktime to tell it HOW FAST your Internet connection was. That way,
Quicktime Streaming servers could send you movies appropriate for your
speed. (To oversimplify: Slow connection? Small movie. Fast connection?
Big movie.) When I saw that, I thought, "Cool. I bet they have it tied in
to Location Manager!" Which would make a great deal of sense.

Location Manager, definitely an O&U item, is mostly for laptop users.
It's kind of a SUPER Extension Manager. It's a way to change ALL KINDS OF
SETTINGS with just one command. You can turn File Sharing off, have a
default printer named "Joe", and use a certain TCP-IP address connected
to an Ethernet LAN at WORK, and turn File Sharing on, default printer
"Jane", and use TCP-IP over your modem, at HOME. Once you have it set up,
all you have to do is choose 'WORK' or 'HOME' and everything snaps into
place. So I asked one of the Quicktime DUDES at the Apple booth about
that. He pointed his blond beard skyward, ran his fingers through his
pony tail, and said, "Hmm, No..we didn't think of that. That might be a
good idea. Thanks."

I try to help Apple where I can. Quicktime speeds are tied-in to Location
Manager now. My point, besides shameless self-promotion, is that the
Quicktime Team is in their own little world. Why should THEY have to use
the Software Update Control Panel? THEY don't like it. THEY can build
their own Software Update into Quicktime. And THEY DID. SO THERE.

How do you update Quicktime?

1) Launch the Quicktime Player.
2) From the Help Menu select, "Check for Quicktime Updates".
3) If you are connected to the Internet, it will check and let you know
if there are any updates. If you're not connected, it will try to connect
you, and then check.
4) If there are updates, decide if you want to download them and do or
5) If there are no updates, click [Cancel].

We're done. All that's left are Press Releases! And my tidy new and more
LEGAL signature! Cheers!

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"Every computer in the world is basically a Macintosh now, but a lot of
computers just aren't as good. They don't feel like a Mac."

Apple Computer co-founder and UC Berkeley graduate Steve Wozniak speaking
at the 1998 UC Berkeley graduation ceremonies.


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